Rumination: Sports Conversation and Cider

A day or three ago I had a brief conversation with a group of men. It began with an exclamation in the form of a question. “Who do you think the number one athlete is in the world?”, a well dressed man wearing a ball cap asked.

I took a generous sip from my cider and said “ Ronda Rousey.” My answer sparked a roar of accord. Several of the guys expressed animated gestures indicating agreement. One guy even playfully pounded his palm to his forehead. 

The man that initially asked me the question was disappointed because no one had said, Serina Williams. “All you crazies and no one said Serina Williams!” "That woman has done it all. Do some research."  "Shame on Y’all”

I will admit that my mentioning of Ronda Rousey stems from her popularity and my adoration for The Martial Arts. MMA is pretty much the  only sport I will go out of my way to follow. I remember when I was 12 and a white belt in TKD. In the years to follow I wouldn’t watch a movie that wasn’t at least a little VanDammy.  It was an obsession, a place of comfort and retreat.  Having had a lackadaisical relationship with school, Martial Arts filled a void that was in need of  positive occupation.

Ive been dabbling in Rondas book and she defiantly touches upon the positive impact that training has had in her day to day.  In hindsight thats probably why I tossed out her name. 

I would have asked the man where his disappointment stemmed from and why I should research Serina. But by that time my cider buzz was starting in and the last thing I wanted was to seem conversationally inviting. I ordered a third cider, popped open my info machine and began learning about Serina Williams.





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