Pope Frances at The United Nations

NYC UNITED NATIONS- In a speech addressed to the watching world Pope Frances spoke about capitalism.  Arguably, he rendered one of the most insightful and objective observations of the contentious power structure. 

“The real danger comes from man.” He stressed that we as humans have a moral duty to be involved in protecting the vulnerable and the forgotten about, saying that this is Gods creation and that it is damaging when humans walk around with blinders.

In so many words the Pope has articulated a perspective that many resonate with. What makes this pope notable is that he’s the first pope in history to take such unfavorable stances with unwavering compassion and empathy. 

One does not need to be religious to see and appreciate the shift that he has undeniably visited upon the planetary population.

During his speech  he was often interrupted by applause for his words and wisdom. Two of which included an endorsement of education for impoverished girls and the paramount need to end poverty and human suffering. 

The ending of his speech was highlighted by a thunderous ovation.  Attendees rising to their feet, some with their heads bowed and arms jubilantly reaching to the sky.


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