Kanye West on Fame and Sleep

The new Kanye West music video is his best work if you ask me.

The video pushes the genres visual boundaries while at the same time leaving many to wonder what it all means.

It is eerie and uncomfortable, an illustration of how the media / society is obsessed with the concept of fame. 

Even when these famous people are vulnerable (sleeping naked) we still keep looking at them, in a serial killer kind of way.  

The final scene of the video  hits a home run. (7:27) The camera slowly zooming out displaying the spread of bodies in communal slumber is a stunning image, a visual articulation of how our lives pass us by.

The video was inspired by a painting titled, ’Sleep',  by Vincent Desiderio.  

In this context sleep is a metaphor for the spiritual slumber we are seemingly trapped in. The planetary anguish we find ourselves situated in is undoubtedly the product of a sleeping state.

At the end of the video Kanye looks up at the camera, kinda like saying, I know. 

Kanye has created something that makes us feel much more than the average show or music video. Its a refreshing break from the tangle of our episodic culture. 

Below is a 3 minute clip of Vincent Desiderio being interviewed on National Public Radio.




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